What's Your First Step in Building a Profitable Website?

It's to perform a thorough Market Research and Competitive Analysis.

Yes - we know - those five words are enough to put any would-be website builder to SLEEP, which is why Creative Niche Manager performs this crucial groundwork for you.

Here's what you need to know: To make good money, your websites have to be in high-demand niches without excessive competition and with the RIGHT keywords that are going to generate TRAFFIC.

But researching this is far easier said than done. It takes time, skills and tools, as well as a good deal of knowledge in what you need to look for. Wouldn't it be great to simply hand this task over to someone else? With Creative Niche Manager, you CAN hand it over because it does all of this work FOR YOU.

Creative Niche Manager tells you which niches are the most profitable in real time, and then refines those niches even further. Then it generates your keyword lists to get you the very best keywords.

And if you want to take it one step further, Creative Niche Manger will even ethically spy on your competition to see exactly which keywords they're using to optimize their websites.