The Reason People And Businesses Are Able To Get Rich Online Is Because Of  AUTOMATION AND CENTRALIZATION

There’s a secret most successful marketers are not telling you, possibly because they feel it’s just too important to share. One thing every millionaire online marketer does, that makes them successful, is that they centralize and automate their online businesses. And if you want to experience massive success yourself, you must do it too. Do you know why? Because when you do, you drastically reduce your workload, while exponentially increasing your income! If you know how to build sites that automatically make you money eight different ways or more, and you have a choice between building, growing and maintaining those sites one at a time (which is what struggling marketers do), or building many sites at the same time, and growing and maintaining hundreds of sites at the same time, which would you choose?

Why would anyone want to make $500 per month, when they could make $10,000 per month with the exact same effort?