This module is one of the most used in our Advertising Section. It really helps people deliver attention-catching marketing messages. Wether with corner ads, slide-in ads, or fixed ads (top, bottom, any width to 100% wiidth). You can even split test ad types to see which ones are the best converting on your web pages.

We are now going one step beyond and we will start providing some templates to help you create more effective ads:

  • First, we will add 20 templates for the fixed ad type (both top and bottom position)
  • They will also be configured with an optin form so that they will be easy for you to integrate with your autoresponder setting (just edit a few fields and you can start building your list)
  • Basically, you will pick up the template of your choice, and then enter your autoresponder unit (should be integrated with aweber to start with)

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