Module Enhancement: Blog Fusion

We have fixed some issues with the upgrading process and now integrated with the wordpress backend API which will remove any possible issue whenever a new wordpress version is released, even if structural changes occured.

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New Module: Remote File Editor

We have a new module available inside CNM. We had this feature integrated withing some modules and since it’s well appreciated among users, we have decided to make it a standalone module.

With this module you can:

  • Edit any file located on any domain on any server
  • Update them as you wish without having to mess with ftp softwares or such (all point and click)
  • Add your CNM codes (campaign management, high impact ads, articles, content snippets, videos, ppc tracking code, thank you page tracking codes…) onto web pages that are not controlled by CNM, or that were not created by CNM (any existing blog you’ve not imported, any other websites you own, any existing affiliate page you’ve already created)
  • Create HTML page easily thanks to our WYSIWYG HTML editor

You will find this module inside the Webmaster Tools Section.


New Module: Market Trends

We have a cool new module we’ve just released.  It’s called: “Market Trends”.

You should already be aware of Google Insights and how powerful it is when you want to identify trends and related top or rising searches.

Well, we have now integrated it within our market research section:

  • When you find a niche, you can instantly check its trends and the top and rising related searches (without leaving your CNM control panel)
  • You may also research any keyword trends using the standalone module and get an instant overview of the best keywords you should use to create a website or target a marketing campaign.

You will find it in the Market Intelligence section of CNM…


Module Enhancement: High Impact Ad Manager

This module is one of the most used in our Advertising Section. It really helps people deliver attention-catching marketing messages. Wether with corner ads, slide-in ads, or fixed ads (top, bottom, any width to 100% wiidth). You can even split test ad types to see which ones are the best converting on your web pages.

We are now going one step beyond and we will start providing some templates to help you create more effective ads:

  • First, we will add 20 templates for the fixed ad type (both top and bottom position)
  • They will also be configured with an optin form so that they will be easy for you to integrate with your autoresponder setting (just edit a few fields and you can start building your list)
  • Basically, you will pick up the template of your choice, and then enter your autoresponder unit (should be integrated with aweber to start with)

New Module (coming soon): Landing page generator

In the frame of the Genie Builder we’re going to start with a Landing Page generator that people will be able to use either to create “portal” page for their Silo websites, or Squeeze page / CPA-Like landing page.

This will be our first step towards building a much larger Web application devoted to site building. These first components will be part of the Genie Builder and will make it really easy to create your landing pages. Basically, you will select a template, and then customize some fields. It should be released within 4 weeks from now


Module Enhancement: Keyword Generator

We are improving the Keyword Generator module to:

  • Allow more output option (standard, quotes, brackets) which are really important for PPC and especially Adwords
  • Add an URL Mixer section (which can be of great help when you want to target URLs in your PPC or PPV campaigns)
  • Add a Typo Generator (do you know someone who can write without any typos :-) ? – You will get tons of traffic with this module)

It’s coming pretty soon… (september)


New Module: Affiliate Profit Booster

Following the improvement of CCP module (see post below), we have now included these in a standalone module: The Affiliate Profit Booster. We know some don’t want to use CCP (it’s quite an advanced module) but still would like to be able to simply create redirect page on the fly and with the click of a button. Say you want to promote an affiliate program.

You simply launch the module, enter the URL of your affiliate link, select the site onto which you want to create the page and voilà! You now have a redirect page you can use in all your campaigns.

But of course it does not stop here and we have  added cloaking features (meaning you can hide your affiliate link and protect your commission). But we have also integrated this cloaking feature with the Advertising Module (High Impact Ad Manager) so that you can both “hide” the page you’re sending your visitors to (cloaking) but at the same time display your own ads on top of these pages! It means you can build your list while your visitor is visiting someone else’s website.


Module Improvement: Covert Conversion Pro

Many of our advanced users asked for cloaking and enhanced redirect options when using the CCP module (it’s a PPC and advetising campaign tracking system).

We have now added cloaking feature, but we have also integrated this cloaking feature with the Advertising Module (High Impact Ad Manager) so that you can both “hide” the page you’re sending your visitors to (cloaking) but at the same time display your own ads on top of these pages! It means you can build your list while your visitor is visiting someone else’s website. Of course everything is tracked (the cloaked link and redirect pages… as well as your advertising campaigns you’re displaying on top of the vendors’ pages)


New module: Social Bookmarking

This much awaited module is now live and fully integrated with the site builders, with the video manager… It will make it easy for you to share your links (videos, websites.), to post your content on tens of social networks and social bookmarking services.


New module: Video manager

This new module has just been released and will help you store, organize and share your videos. Wether you create them or use a web service to create them, wether you store them on youtube or on hundreds of other video sharing websites, this module will make it a breeze for you to manage them, publish them on your website, integrate them with your ads, and share them using the social bookmarking module.